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Decorative Wood Poles Are "Decorative"

All real wood products may contain slight imprefections that are naturally inherent in real wood. Wood drapery poles may have a slight bow, and that's not considered a defect.

You may need to apply a fine wax to your drapery pole so your rings will slide smoothly. Decorative wood poles are meant to be "decorative", so you may need to make adjustments to maximize functionality.

Kirsch Metal Drapery Hardware Is Usually 1" Or 1 3/8" In Diameter And Comes In Different Styles

To give your Kirsch drapery hardware treatment a more contemporary look, you may want to use a metal drapery pole or curtain rod. Most metal drapery rods are 1" in diameter and almost always have a smooth finish. For larger width windows, steel drapery bars may be your best metal drapery pole choice.

Metal Drapery Rods Are Usually Smaller Than Wood Poles

Metal Draprey Pole Diameters

There are many reasons you might want to select metal Kirsch drapery hardware instead of a wooden curtain rod. The most common reason to choose a metal drapery pole is to give your drapery hardware treatment a more contemporary look. Keep in mind that metal curtain rods are typically available in 1" or smaller diameters and may look "flimsy" on a wide or high window.

Most metal drapery poles are made from a hollow metal rod - they are not a solid metal bar. The exception to this would be the steel poles manufactured by The Finial Company. There are many smaller diameter solid metal poles and bars available within their collections.

With any metal drapery pole that is going to be 5 feet long or more, you must use a center support to reduce bowing.

There Are Several Metal Drapery Pole Styles To Consider

Metal Pole Types

Most brands that offer metal drapery poles and curtain rods limit the metal pole style to smooth only. Although, Kirsch does offer a fluted metal pole in their Metal Accessories line of decorative drapery hardware.

Most all metal drapery pole styles are manufactured from a hollow round bar with the exception of steel poles from The Finial Company.

The metal drapery rods manufactured by The Finial Company consist of the standard hollow round bar plus many solid steel options like Twisted, Round, Suare, and Hammered Square. While these drapery poles may be manufactured from a solid piece of metal, their diameter is very small. Just because they are made from a solid piece of metal doesn't always mean they can carry more drapery weight.

Cutting Your Metal Pole To Size


Most all metal drapery poles made from a hollow round bar or tube can easily be cut down to match your window size using a common hacksaw.

Solid metal poles, like the steel poles from The Finial Company, are ordered by the foot to your exact measurements. You can't cut down a solid bar on your own, unless you happen to own a blow torch.

Metal style Kirsch drapery hardware is a great option if you want to create a contemporary look for your window treatment. And, unlike most wood poles, some metal poles are both decorative and functional. That means you can have an attractive drapery rod that comes complete with functional traverse components like carriers and cords. Before you decide to buy a metal drapery rod, you should make sure that the type of drapery you want to hang is appropriate for your rod choice.

In most all cases, metal drapery rods are usually not the strongest rod available. A solid wood drapery pole will do a better job for you if you have really heavy or really long draperies. Metal rods are typically used with regular or light weight draperies because most are constructed using hollow core or extruded material. Of course, there are exceptions like solid steel drapery poles. But, for the majority of popular metal drapery hardware, hollow core construction is common. Before you decide on a metal drapery rod for your window, consider the weight of your drapery fabric. If your drapery is lined and interlined or if it's unusually long, consider buying a wood pole painted with a metallic finish instead.

For draperies with grommets, using a metal rod is very common. Grommet style window treatments have become very popular recently and most grommets are perfectly sized for a 1 inch or 1 3/8 diameter metal drapery rod. When installing a drapery with grommets, you need to be aware that your drapery won't be able to go past the first bracket that it encounters along your rod. This restriction may present a problem if the drapery is heavy and your rod needs additional support. If you find that you need a center support to add stability to your treatment, then hang a drapery that is made using two independent panels that can open from the center to each side of rod. This type of drapery is usually called split draw or center draw. You can attach a section of hook-and-loop to the header of the drapery to keep the two panels closed tightly together at the center and reduce the light gap caused by the center support where the two panels meet.

Some metal drapery rods are made with built in traverse components. These types of discount drapery rods are perfect for a decorative metal look with all of the functionality of a traditional traverse rod. You can use this type of product if you have pinch pleat draperies. You don't need traverse options for draperies with grommets or rings. Some drapery hardware manufacturers also offer decorative metal traverse rods configured for use with Ripplefold style draperies. Ripplefold draperies are specially made to be used on a particular type of rod. This style of drapery gives you the look of a pinch-pleat treatment while using considerably less fabric.

Metal drapery rods are a great option for many window treatments and with all of the options available, finding the perfect rod is easy when you follow a few simple steps. Before buying a metal drapery rod, make sure you have carefully considered all of your options. Be certain that the type of rod you're going to buy is appropriate for the weight and length of your draperies. And, if you're installing a drapery with grommets, double-check that the rod you're considering is of the correct diameter.

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