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Pole Diameter Is A Matter Of Perspective

Consider the size of your window when selecting a diameter for your wood or metal drapery pole or curtain rod.

If your window is really high or really long, consider a larger diameter drapery pole size. Small diameter drapery poles or curtain rods on a large window may seem "flimsy" when viewed from the ground.

Drapery Rod Family

Designer Drapery Hardware
Designer Drapery Hardware

Designer Drapery Hardware is our flagship web store and has just about everything you could possibly want for your window treatment.

If you need decorative drapery hardware, you'll find hundreds of options, colors and styles at Designer Drapery Hardware.

Or, if you need Kirsch drapery hardware like curtain rods, valance rods and sash rods - Designer Drapery Hardware is the place to be.

Curtain Rod Site
The Curtain Rod Site

We've gathered all of the information we could find about curtain rods, traverse rods and valance rods and organized it into one great website.

You'll find curtain rods & drapery rod information and our Curtain Rod Selector Application at The Curtain Rod Site.

Designer Drapery Hardware