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Pole Diameter Is A Matter Of Perspective

Consider the size of your window when selecting a diameter for your wood or metal drapery pole or curtain rod.

If your window is really high or really long, consider a larger diameter drapery pole size. Small diameter drapery poles or curtain rods on a large window may seem "flimsy" when viewed from the ground.

Kirsch Drapery Hardware Has Many Accessories Including Finials And Tie Backs

No matter which option you choose - wood, metal, or wrought iron, there are a lot of accessories available for your drapery pole. The most common accessory for a drapery pole is the finial or end cap. But, you'll also need brackets, rings and possibly a tie back, scarf holder or other accessory to complete your window treatment.

Drapery Pole Accessories Are Grouped By Pole Diameter Size

Keyhole Plates For Brackets

Selecting the proper accessories for your Kirsch drapery hardware treatment is really very simple. Just look for the rings and brackets that are available for the pole diameter you have selected.

For example, if you are using a 1 3/8" wooden drapery rod, you will select accessories that are also labeled as 1 3/8". Look for 1 3/8" rings or 1 3/8" brackets.

Accessories like hold backs, swag holders, medallions and batons can be used with just about any pole diameter. These style accessories and not usually grouped by size. Kirsch offers many products like this.

It's very important to select accessories that exactly match your pole diameter to ensure that your drapery hardware treatment will function properly.

Several Ring Choices Are Available For Drapery Poles

Metal Drapery Rod With Rings

Depending on your drapery type and function, there are several ring choices for your drapery pole or curtain rod.

Not all ring styles are available for every type of drapery rod, so make sure to check if your desired ring style is available for the drapery pole and rod diameter you have selected.

Ring With Clip: This style of ring is used to attach a flat panel to a drapery pole. You don't need to use drapery hooks with this style of ring. However, you should use caution before selecting rings with clips for your drapery pole. If you drapery is heavy, lined or interlined, it may pull off the aligator clips.

Ring With Eyelet: This style ring is the most common for use with both metal and wood drapery poles. Drapery hooks sewn into your drapery attach to the eyelet in the ring. This style ring is used with pinch pleat draperies and the style shown is from Kirsch drapery hardware.

C-Ring: This style of ring is only used with a bypass bracket. You will find this style with some metal drapery pole collections, like Kirsch Wrought Iron. This ring will only work with poles and brackets in it's own collection. The unique design of the C-Ring allows the ring to travel past brackets and center supports.

The drapery ring can also add to your overall sytle. Many drapery poles and metal curtain rods have decorative rings available for each drapery pole. Some designs can be very ellaborate.

Remember, your rings inner diameter must be greater than your drapery pole outer diameter.

Kirsch Drapery Hardware Brackets Are Measured In Four Ways

Metal Drapery Pole With Rod Pocket

Drapery Pole Diameter is the first measurement. Make sure your bracket is made for the pole diameter you selected

Projection The distance from the end of the bracket (curtain rod or pole) to the surface that it's mounted on.

Return The distance from the center of the drapery rod or pole to the surface the bracket is mounted on. Or, how far the drapery must bend back to reach the wall.

Clearance The amount of open space between the wall and where the proposed drapery will hang. Usually denoted by the open space underneath the bracket.

Finials, Tie Backs And Medallions Are Decorative Accessories

We could devote an entire website to discussion about finials for decorative Kirsch Drapery Hardware. Drapery finials should match the pole diameter you have selected. Drapery finials are usually made from wood or resin for wooden drapery poles. And, from metal, resin or steel for metal curtain rods. We have literally hundreds of finials on display at our store, so if you interested in learning more about drapery finials, just click on over.

The term Tie Backs can refer to severl styles of drapery pole accessories like medallions, rosettes, hold backs, scarf holders, swag holders and tie backs. Any of these accessories can be used to tie your drapery back. Tie backs can be made from metal, wood or resin. And, they don't have to match your selected pole diameter. You can even use tie backs (or hold backs) to create a stand alone drapery treatment without using drapery poles or rings.

There are many more accessories available for Kirsch drapery poles that we haven't mentioned. These accessories include drapery batons, crests, swing arms, inside mount sockets and fixed elbows (and probably many more).

For complete information about all drapery pole accessories that are available, send us an eMail or come and visit or store.

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